How to Keep Bradenton Seagulls Off of a Boat or Dock

Most people dream of owning a home near the water. It will provide them with solitude and comfort. However, different kinds of animals are also attracted to the beauty of ocean. They will gather in huge number and will often linger while producing piercing noise. In addition, they can also create a huge mess. If seagulls have been perching on your dock or boat, there are various ways on how you can keep the seagulls away from them.

Tips to Prevent the Bradenton Seagulls from Perching on Your Dock or Boat
The accumulated dropping of seagulls on your dock or seaboard is not only an unsightly matter, it is also alarming. Remember that birds can transmit a myriad of zoonotic diseases through their droppings. Some of them can be deadly. Luckily, there are various deterrents that you can use that will drive away this creature.

Dori Poles
Dori poles may look like decorative items but it is actually a visual deterrent. This is in fact, one of the most effective deterrents against seagull activity. This can be used to discourage them from frequenting on your property near the water. Most birds will hate to be within the pennant’s shadow. Originally, Dori Poles are utilized as a form of marketing. It is also a display used during special and festive events. This is all thanks to their amazing colors and the height and motion that warrant attention. Eventually, they noticed that birds are avoiding them. To increase the efficacy of the Dori poles, it should be placed in an area with generous amount of gentle breeze.

Plastic and wooden owls that are placed on the docks and boats are probably the oldest strategy of getting rid of the Bradenton seagulls and other birds. The intimidating presence of the fake owl will immediately drive the nuisance creature away. However, it also comes with a certain drawbacks. There will come a time when the seagulls with get used to this presence. Once the seagulls realized that it does not pose any danger, they will no longer be scared of it.

Beacons and Strobe Lights
There are beacons and strobe lights sold in the market that has the capacity to float on waters that can drive away the birds. Aside from the flashing lights, they can also produce noise that will startle the seagulls from resting on your boat and docks. Some birds will find this disorienting and intolerable. It will also disrupt their usual activity. Eventually, the seagulls will choose to perch on other place. Birds are known carrier of diseases. They can disrupt our daily activities and can create a huge mess. For those who own a boat or a property near the waters, having deterrent would be a great method to drive away the seagulls. Be sure that you will carefully think about your options. There are some deterrent such as the sticky substance that can harm the seagulls. There are species that belong to the ‘gull’ family that are protected under the law.

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