How to Stop Bradenton Squirrels Damaging Trees

Squirrels will sometime cause damage to our trees. They will chew on the bark of the trees that can look unsightly. They may also cause indirect damage to our tree by introducing various types of ectoparasites like the scales. They can also transfer ectomycorrhizal that can possibly kill shrubs and smaller trees. Before it can even lead to severe damage, it is better to stop it while it is still in the early stage. You should not wait until such time that all the barks have been stripped before taking the necessary action.

Guide on Preventing the Bradenton Squirrels from Damaging the Trees
The squirrels teeth are persistently growing, they need to gnaw the tough materials to control the growth of their teeth. Under normal circumstances, they will chew the coat of the acorns and nuts to file their teeth. However, if these are not accessible, they will gnaw the hard construction materials and the bark of the trees to control its growth. To prevent the squirrels from damaging the trees, here are some of your options.

Installing Tree Guards
Creating a tree guard is the best way to keep this nuisance creature off your property. If you choose to wrap the tree guard around the birdfeeder, you may also keep it safe from the invading rodents. Start by measuring the circumference of the tree using a measuring tape. Use a sheet metal that is at least 2 feet tall. Cut the sheet metal that is equal to the circumference of the tree using metal shears. On each corner of the sheet metal, add holes that are at least ¼-inch in diameter. Wrap the sheet around the bark of the tree. It should be at least 8-feet tall. You may use a ladder or tripod when installing your deterrent. Place a hook on the holes and a hook spring on the other end. Secure the top and the bottom of the sheet by attaching the hook spring and the hook.

Using Diversions
Apart from the tree guards, diversions are also effective in keeping the squirrels away from your trees. You may use bird netting with at least ¼inch apertures at the canopy of the trees. Try to ask for help and use tripod when draping the roll of bird netting on the trees. Secure the nets using clippings on the end of the nets. To improve the efficacy of your diversion, you may use spray repellent or pesticide that contains thymol. This compound has the capacity to repel the activity of squirrels but without harming the foliage and the tree. You should also scatter cobs of corns on various parts of your yard. Make sure that it is place away from the tree. This can drive their interest away from the tree. Try to purchase the items in bulks to save some cash. When you are working with ladders or orchards, make sure to seek the help of others. Follow the instruction and safety precaution of the manufacturer when using this to protect your trees.

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